Pow! How to Create Your Own Comic Book

If you have a passion for comic books, you probably have felt the magnetic pull that a well-crafted story and creative illustrations have on your emotions. Readers become impassioned about the characters and drawn in by the colorful details and imagery. Have you ever dreamed about creating your own comic book? Do you have something new to offer the comic book world, like a strong, dynamic female main character? Maybe you think that getting published is too difficult, but making your own comic book is actually easier than you think.

There are craft kits you can buy that include story boards, special comic book paper, and how-to instructions, but they typically produce results that lack that professional “pow” you seek from a finished book.

If you want your comic book to look real, collectible, and professionally published, then creating it with a site like Bookemon is the answer. There you will find free software that makes it easy to achieve the results you are looking for, and getting your book in-hand is affordable.

Be your own hero by creating and publishing your comic book idea.

How to Begin

A great comic book begins with a great story, so mapping out your plot is your starting point. According to an article on aboutentertainment.com, it is best to write down all the structural basics.

  • Setting: This is the backdrop to your story and even if it is simple, it is where your characters come to life.
  • Characters: These are your actors that convey the story and where you can craft dialogue that moves the plot along. It is important to really develop each character well, so the reader can connect with them in some way.
  • Tone: Is it action, adventure, sci-fi or comical? The tone sets the overall mood for your story.
  • Theme: Is there an overall lesson the story teaches? Is it about trust, or the bond of family, or maybe that heroes come in all shapes and sizes?
  • Conflict: This is the focus of any good story. There has to be something the characters are trying to defeat or overcome.

Develop the Story Board

Next, you should decide on the style of your illustrations. Style ranges from some very simple styles used in comedic comic strips all the way to elaborate detailed drawings you will find with most American Superhero stories. Make your comic book your own and try not to be influenced by the others you have read.

Now it is time to write the dialogue. Take it page by page and decide as you go, what will be happening in the illustration on that page. Write this in sequential frames and make sure your dialogue is not the primary focus. Remember that comic books are a visual experience. Sketch out each page and make the characters’ action tell the story and fit the dialogue around them.

Finally, read through your finished product and make sure it makes sense and flows well. Consider adding thought bubbles to indicate what a character is thinking to herself. Go over your drawings with the final ink and add the colors, this is where your illustrations come to life. Also, remember to add shadow and light if it fits your style and as much detail as desired in the finished illustration.

Online software makes comic book creation simple and affordable.

Publishing Made Simple

How do you begin to create the actual comic book? With Bookemon, you simply create a free account, upload your story from PDF or Word Files, and then begin the creative process of customizing the pages and layout with the easy to use tools and templates. It is that simple.

Creating your own comic book can be fun and rewarding when the finished result is a real, professionally published book that brings your talent to life. Get started today and create something you, and your fans, will treasure.