5 Ideas to Consider When Making a Book Online

Many people have a wealth of creativity they could share if only given the right platform such as a book. From poetry, to a children’s story, to cookbooks, or even an epic mystery novel, for those who love books and the creative process, there are endless possibilities. But getting a book published is difficult, right? It is actually much simpler that you think.

There are websites online that allow you to create and make your own books, real, professionally printed books, that you design and publish yourself. Digital publishing is simple and with sites like Bookemon.com, it is incredibly easy for anyone to produce a book that looks like it came from a bookstore. You can try it for free and the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

make a book online
Dream of publishing a book? It can be done easily online with professional results.

Where do you begin? First you must have a book in mind that you would like to create and print. If you don’t already have your first book planned or written, you may need a few ideas to spark your creativity.

5 Ideas to Consider When Making Books Online

  • Make a photobook that tells a story: There are important memories in everyone’s life that deserve to be preserved. Maybe it is the story of how your husband proposed, or your wedding, your pregnancy or even reflecting back to your favorite Christmases throughout your life. These are all things you can probably document with many photos and tell the beautiful story that goes along with it. Imagine the photobook keepsake you will create, that can be handed down to future generations.
  • Make a children’s book: Many parents have thought about making a special storybook for their child. Maybe you want to make it a custom book and have your child be a character in it. Perhaps you want your book to teach an important life lesson, like showing gratitude, being kind, helping a stranger or telling the truth. Maybe make it about a precious memory, like the story of their birth. Remember that pictures or even your own illustrations can be included.
  • Make your own cookbook: If your recipes are always in demand with friends and family, maybe it is time to share them in a professionally designed cookbook. Pick a theme, like holiday cookies, or casseroles, or family dinners, and then start organizing those recipes into a Word document or PDF file. Don’t forget to take a few pictures of your creations, you cooking in the kitchen, or even close-ups of some special key ingredients.
  • Write a memoir or novel: If you have always dreamed of being a writer and believe you have an amazing story within you to share, start typing. There is no better way to preserve your work, share it with others and even give it as a gift.
  • Make a how-to book: Whether you are really good at knitting, or home repairs, or decorating, creating your own how-to book is a great way to share what you know with others. Maybe you could share mom tips for making your own baby food, or how to wrap presents like a pro. Share your talents with friends

make a storybook online
A custom storybook for your child is just one kind of book you can make online.

Getting Started

Digital book-making with Bookemon, gives you professional looking results, quickly and easily. First you start by creating a free account, upload any written content from PDF or Word Files, then customize the pages with a special font. Next you can upload and edit photos or drawings to the pages. This site also offers endless possibilities to create virtually any type of book.

There are so many possibilities and types of books you can make online and getting started is simple, fun, and it costs nothing to start creating your book

What Comes First Chickens or Eggs? Organizing Your Cookbook


Diane Balch blogs about simplify and organizing your cooking and home at SimpleLivingEating.com.


Perfect Roast Chicken, Eggs in a Cloud, Vegetarian Chili … . all of the recipes you created or collected are scattered around your kitchen table. How on Earth can you organize them into one cookbook?

It doesn’t matter if your intention is to create a recipe book for your own personal use, or if you are putting together a family cookbook to print or share on line with siblings…you may even want to create a cookbook for public sale. Whomever the desired audience is, your recipe book needs to be well organized, so it can be both easy to use and enjoyable. Here are some common ways to organize your cookbook.

By Meals:


There are several ways cookbooks are traditionally structured; one of the most common is by meals.

    • Separate your printed recipes or computer files into folders titled with each meal of the day: breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, dessert.
  • Within each folder, alphabetize the recipes to make it a little easier for a person to locate a recipe within each chapter. For instance, in your breakfast chapter list your recipes in this order: Apple Turnovers, Banana Bread, Coffee Cake … . through the alphabet.

This organization system is very convenient for people who are trying to decide what to cook for a specific meal. Putting a cookbook together in this fashion works well if you have a fairly equal number of recipes for each type of meal of the day.

By Ingredient:


If you have a lot of recipes for specific ingredients instead of for many meals you may want to organize your cookbook alphabetically by the main ingredient of your dishes.

    • If your cookbook is about desserts you can begin with Apple recipes, followed by Banana recipes, Chocolate, … etc.
    • A book primarily about meat recipes can be organized starting with Beef, then, Chicken, Lamb, Pork, … and so on.
  • This style of ordering recipes works really well for vegetarian cookbooks: each chapter can be dedicated to a different vegetable: Asparagus, Broccoli, Cabbage, etc.

Just remember this layout works best if you have recipes made primarily with the same ingredient.


By Season:
If your collection of recipes is broad, try organizing your recipes by season. Group recipes into collections of Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer meals.

  • Within each season’s section you can subdivide your recipes by meals: Fall Breakfasts, Fall Lunches, etc. or you can just alphabetize them like this sample Fall section: Apple Fritters, Brussels Sprout Casserole, Chesnut Pie etc.

Arranging a cookbook by season is currently a very popular way to put together a cookbook. Many chefs are selling seasonal cooking guides which encourage people to buy local and in-season ingredients for both environmental and flavor enhancement reasons.

However you decide to layout your cookbook: by meals, ingredients, or seasons, Bookemon has the software to help you put your cookbook together into a creative and profession publication.

3 Unique Gifts for the Reader On Your List

The ultimate book lover’s dilemma might be, “so many books, so little time.” If there is an avid book reader on your gift list this year, it can be hard to know exactly what book to get them. Perhaps you have given them gift cards to their favorite bookstore for the last several years, and you want your gift to be more personal and memorable. But what gift can you buy or create that would really appeal to an avid reader?

make a book as a gift
For the reader on your gift list, a book is the perfect gift, but make it personal.

Sometimes, the best way to give a memorable gift is to create it yourself. Even for those of us who are not very crafty, there are a few options that will really stand out as a special gift and one that shows how much you really know and care about the gift recipient.

3 Unique Gifts Ideas for the Reader on Your Gift List:

1) Make a very special bookmark: Nothing says, “I totally know what you love” more than giving an avid reader a beautiful bookmark you made yourself. This is something that they will treasure for many years and it will be an intricate part of their favorite ritual; curling up with a good book and marking the page where the left off carefully when they are forced to put that book down. Parting is such sweet sorrow, when they can mark their place with a bookmark made by you.

2) Create a scrapbook about their life: If the avid reader on your list is someone you have known for a long time, you probably have pictures of them throughout the years and a few funny stories to share. You can compile a few photos and write brief stories about those memorable moments. Maybe you went on adventures together or have been friends since you shared a college dorm, for example, there are stories from the past that you can retell and create a beautiful memory scrapbook. If you are crafty, you can do this with a scrapbook kit you can buy from the local craft store. But, if glue guns make you nervous, you might want to look online at sites like Bookemon.com for fast, easy, digital publishing.

3) Publish your own book as a gift: There are a few options available for creating your own book online, but you want to choose a format that is easy to use, allows you to customize the pages, the overall design, all the small details- right down to the font, and offers templates that guide you through the process of creating your book. You can use this to make a beautiful, professional-quality photo book, memoir, cookbook, basically any type of book you can imagine.

4) Create another book from the current one: Bookemon offers a featured called “Make New Edition” that allows you to create another book from the current one. You can have the same content, but personalize the first dedication page to a different reader’s name to give the final book a lovely personal touch.

create a book online as one of kind gift
Making your own book is quick and easy, and makes a memorable gift.

How Bookemon works:

  • Begin by creating a free account online. Registering is quick, easy, and free, so you can try it out before you buy anything.
  • Next, you can choose a blank template, a pre-designed layout, or upload a document you’ve already created in a Word or PDF file.
  • Then customize the book with color and design features. The software makes it simple and offers specialized design tools and libraries of clipart, backgrounds and frames, so you can really make the book appealing to the eye and be uniquely your own creation.
  • Finalize the art in the book by uploading photos or drawings to illustrate.

Free digital software offers you endless possibilities to publish virtually any type of book. You can write your own children’s book, a book of shared memories, or even your own mystery novel.

Once you are done creating, you can choose to order copies of your book at affordable prices. Try it out! The result is a professionally-published and beautifully preserved keepsake book that makes the ideal gift for the book lover on your gift list.

Create Your Own Holiday Cookbook

Is your cooking usually the star of holiday parties? Do friends and family come to dinner and enjoy your menu so much that they ask for your recipes? Maybe you dream of writing your own holiday cookbook, but think that it would be difficult to create and publish it. But, there actually is an easy way to make your own cookbook online. Anybody can do it!
Fact is, with the use of free digital software, creating your own cookbook can be simple, affordable, and fun to do, plus it can be the perfect holiday gift for all your culinary fans.

Got great recipes? Creating your own holiday cookbook is easy and affordable.

While there are a few cookbook kits you can purchase that provide the materials you need to construct a cookbook yourself, the result tends to look more like a scrapbook. If you are seeking to create a beautifully published keepsake, professionally bound and looking like you found it on a bookstore shelf, there are sites like Bookemon, which allow you to make a cookbook (or any other type of book you choose) quickly and easily online.

Maybe you love cooking from scratch, but when it comes to creating books, you need a little pre-done help, like ready to use clip art and templates, for example. Bookemon, one of the first sites to bring digital publishing into the hands of the consumer, guides you along the way, giving you everything needed to make a holiday-themed cookbook that looks like a team of designers created it.

What Holiday Recipes Should You Choose?

Only you can decide which recipes to include, but a good tip is to think about which recipes rank as your personal favorites. You should also consider the special recipes that people are always asking you for. Your cookbook could also be a compilation of just your best, most festive holiday cookie recipes, or it could be a general collection of great appetizers or other menu items for holiday parties or family dinners.

Once you have an idea of the content you are putting in your book, compile your recipes into Word Files or a PDF. Keep it all organized by following the same format and keep it consistent for each recipe.

For example:

Mom’s Meatloaf Pie is a delicious favorite. It takes a moist, flavorful meatloaf, and nestles it in a puff pastry pie crust, topped off with beef gravy.

  • List of ingredients (with measurements)
  • Preheat instructions
  • Step-by-step of how to make it
  • Time it takes to prepare, general cooking time, how many it serves

Pictures to Make Mouths Water

A cookbook is not complete without a few photos to fuel everyone’s appetite. You can include photos of some of the most important ingredients required, or photos of you mixing up ingredients, pictures of the finished dish, or your family enjoying your meal around the dining room table.

Also, think about any photo you have that might really personalize the recipe or the story behind it. If it is your grandmother’s recipe, perhaps add a photo her to go with it. You can add text that tells a small story about the recipe or about the grandmother who handed the recipe down to you. You are free to make your cookbook reflect you, the food you love to make, and the family celebrations that you cherish. You can also add photos with a holiday theme and include tips on entertaining and what other foods to pair with each of your recipes.

Make your own cookbook with free digital software and share your favorite recipes.

Get Started Making Your Holiday Cookbook

Online digital book-making software is what makes your project simple, fun, and affordable. Here is what you do:
1. Go online to Bookemon.com and create your free account.
2. Choose a template to create your cookbook
3. Upload your content from PDF or Word Files.
4. Begin customizing the pages and uploading photos or drawings.
5. Add clip art or borders; make it beautiful.

Once you are done, you can share your book for free online or through email, but you may also choose, for gift giving or family keepsakes, to order copies to be printed at a very affordable price.

Publishing your own holiday cookbook would be a present that will not only impress, but inspire. It is a great way to preserve your recipes and create a beautiful, professional-quality book that could become a treasured family heirloom. Get started and give it a try for free.

How to Create Your Own Personal Bookstore

If you have always dreamed of becoming a published author, writing that novel, cookbook, or children’s book, and seeing your work available to the others, it may be much easier than you think.
Many people have amazing stories to tell and could fill their own personal bookstore with a collection they would love to share with others, but it is very difficult to get your book into a bookstore. If only you could find the right “connections” to make it happen. Well, the right connection is not an agent or publishing house, it is through online publishing with sites like Bookemon and their Personal Bookstore Feature.

Sharing your books is easy with your own personal bookstore.

Bookemon takes you easily through the entire process of designing, creating and publishing your books and then it allows you to create your own personal bookstore. The site is actually one of the first to allow parents, teachers, or basically anyone to create and publish their own books.

The free digital software offers easy to use templates, specialized fonts and the ability to upload your Word documents, PDFs, photos or illustrations. The end results produce beautiful, book-store-ready publications, so the next logical step would be to create your bookstore!
What is Bookemon’s Personal Bookstore?
Your personal bookstore lets you list all the published books that you have created, including both public books and private books. The list appears on the Bookemon site through your own personal URL link that you send to select people. You can mark certain books as “private” and keep them that way by creating a passcode, that you give only to those you wish to have access. Basically, you control your own privacy.

The Benefits:

  • You will be issued one designated unique URL, which belongs to your own account and lists all of your books. This makes it super simple for your family and friends to find your books, once you share your URL.
  • Your strictly-private books can only be accessed by people with a passcode, assigned and shared by you. So if you have select content, like family photo albums or a memoir, basically anything that you want only certain people to see, you can choose to create a passcode and keep select books private from anyone you don’t give the passcode to.

Open a Personal Bookstore and Share $5 Instant Coupon with Friends

For a limited time you can try Personal Bookstore and offer savings to your friends and family. If you share your personal bookstore with others, everyone who receives your shared email will get $5 coupon for their next purchase on Bookemon. It can be used for the purchase of any books.
Share your personal bookstore and friends get $5 savings for a limited time.
How Do I Open My Store for Business?

To know the URL of your personal bookstore, you can click “myStore” on the navigational bar, after you sign into your free account. The URL listed is how your personal store can be accessed anywhere without membership required. You can then set a passcode and only share it with the people you want them to see your private books.

Once you have published your book on Bookemon, you can share it online through social media, or email, or you can choose to order copies of it to be printed. But you can also open your own personal bookstore for friends or family members to see and buy- whichever books you allow them access to. Opening up your Personal Bookstore is totally in your hands. Getting started is quick and easy.

Fun Family Project: Help Your Kids Create a Book on the iPad

Your children love using your iPad for games and stories, but what if you could help them create a book of their very own using your tablet? Family projects usually make for great memories as well as inspire creativity and learning in kids. Add using your iPad to this project, and you have a great time spent together while making a book they will be proud to share.

But how does someone create a book on an iPad, and is it easy enough for kids to enjoy it? The answer can be found by downloading an app onto your device, one which allows you to create a children’s book, or basically any type of book you want. With the right app, the result is a beautiful book that looks like it came from a bookstore. The key is finding a great app that is kid-friendly, simple, fun to use and affordable.

Creating a book on your iPad can be an easy family project.

You may find that the free bookPress app from Bookemon is the perfect solution, allowing kids, parents or grandparents, to create a personalized book quickly and easily. Children love the process of seeing their story come to life on the pages of a book. Parents and grandparents can also create a customize children’s book of their own, and make their child the main character. The possibilities are endless.
Basic Ways to Help Kids Write a Story

The best thing you can do is to simply guide your child when it comes to any writing project. According to readwritethink.org, children learn to better organize their thoughts, write and even communicate better by crafting their own stories. Writing also helps kids to be better at reading, and to understand other people’s stories with greater ease.

Though you want this to be their own creation, you can also choose to make the book a group project and work on it as a family, with each of you adding your own part to the story. Either way, every story has some basic things to include:

  • Who are the characters, and is there a main character?
  • Where does the story take place?
  • What is the problem or issue they must overcome, fix, or deal with?
  • How is the problem or issue eventually solved?
  • What happens to the characters after? Did the characters learn anything from what happened?

Creating a story of their own inspires kids to love books and read better.

Getting Started

It is simple to start making your children’s book. Grab your iPad, similar device, or your iOS phone and download the free bookPress app from Bookemon, then set up your account.

  • The app will allow you to custom design the pages of the book from the beginning, with templates that make it look professionally designed.
  • Add your photos, PDF documents, Word documents, or posts from your blog to create a beautiful book quickly and easily. You may use any files that you have saved on your device, in your email, Cloud, Dropbox, or Flickr.
  • Once your book is complete, you can share select pages or the entire book with others via email, social media, or create an online e-book. If you want printed copies of the book, you can purchase the finished published version to have as a keepsake or order them to give as gifts.

By using this app, you and your kids can create any book you choose. It is an excellent learning tool and there is nothing like the pride that comes from creating and sharing their own real, professional quality book! Get started today creating a book on your iPad and fuel your family’s creativity.

How to Make a Book Online

Have you ever dreamed of writing a children’s book, a cookbook, or creating a family photo book that can be handed down for generations? It may seem like a daunting and impossible task, but with the right tools, it is actually pretty easy to get professional looking results and see your book published.
Where do you start? Making a book online by using free digital software is the ideal solution, since it has made this type of project simple, fun, and affordable for any creative consumer who wants to publish a book.

Creating a book of your own with digital software is simple and affordable.

While you could find and purchase a kit at the craft store that allows you to piece together your book like you would a scrapbook, the results do not typically look professional or impressive. But, with sites like Bookemon, one of the first to allow parents, teachers, or basically anyone to create and publish their own book, you can produce impressive results that look ready for a bookstore shelf.

How to Make a Book Online

There are a few options out there, but you want to choose a format that is easy to use, allows you to customize the pages, the overall design, all the small details right down to the font, and offers templates that guide you through the process of creating a book.

How it works

  • First you begin by creating a free account online. Registering is quick, easy, and costs you nothing, so you can try it out and make your book for free.
  • Next you get to work with a blank template, or choose a pre-designed layout, or upload a document you’ve already created in a Word or PDF file.
  • Then it is time to make the book really stand out with color and design features. The software makes it simple and offers specialized design tools and libraries of clipart, backgrounds and frames, so you can really make the book appealing to the eye and be uniquely your own creation.
  • You finish by finalizing the look of the book by customizing the font and uploading photos or drawings to add visual interest and illustration to the pages.

The free software allows for endless possibilities to publish virtually any type of book. Parents can write their own children’s book, or create a family book project together. Writers can take that memoir or novel they have been working on and quickly get it published, family photos can be preserved into a keepsake book or given as gifts, and teachers can allow students to learn about the process of writing and publishing. The possibilities and variety of books are limited only by your imagination.

Whatever type of book you wish to create, you can make it uniquely your own.

Once you have made your book, you can share it online through social media or email, or you can choose to order copies of it to be printed. You book will make a great gift for hard to buy for family members, or a personal keepsake, or a family heirloom to hand down for generations. Creation of your book is totally in your hands. It is fast and easy to start creating your book today