How to Create a Book and Easily Combine All Three

You might think that self-publishing a book is beyond your skill level, but guess what? It’s not. At all.

You can make your own online
Building your book sounds like a daunting task, but today’s software makes it fun and simple. offers incredibly easy and affordable methods to produce a quality book that looks like it came straight from a bookstore. It makes book-building simple, fun and affordable, whether you’re adding text, photos, or documents. You can even try your hand at creating your book for free, with no obligation to buy. Truly, your book building possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

How Does Bookemon Do It?

Bookemon’s free digital software allows you to use a combination of documents, photos, and text all in one printable book. It is so easy and intuitive (if you can download and click, you can do this!) that anyone can create a book with professional looking results.

Book Building Basics

Bookemon’s All-Purpose Online Book Creator lets you create your own books using any combination of Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Photos, text, and graphics, so you can easily turn your writings, blogs, drawings, images, documents and variety of content into professional quality books in print.

How it works:

  • Your written content (whether it is a novel, comic book, cookbook, or children’s story) should be saved as a Word document, PDF, PowerPoint file, jpg photo, text, or graphic program.
  • Now it is time to get building. Log onto the Bookemon website and creating a free account.
  • Next, choose a “blank template” to create your book in. This will assist you in laying out the pages.
  • Once your template is ready, you simply upload your Word, PDF document, PowerPoint- whatever method you saved the content, and it will be added into the book exactly as you have created it. For example, your title header and the page numbers you have on those pages will appear exactly as they are in your document.
  • A great advantage of using the Bookemon software is that you can use multiple documents in creating your book. For example, you can design a cover and upload it as a pdf file for the cover page, you can use another document with the main content for the rest of the book pages, etc. So if you want to create special pages- spaced throughout the book, like maybe a cookbook with photo pages of mom or your grandma who created those recipes, you can do it. Here are the steps:

1. On the bottom of the builder, there are page thumbnails. The very first one on the left is the Front Cover and the last page is the Back Cover. Click on the Front or Back Cover page.
2. Under the document library on the left panel, click on the Open folder icon of the document with the page you want to use.
3. Click to select the page in the document to replace the current Front Cover page.

  • You can follow the procedure above to replace other pages in the book besides the front and back covers. This feature allows you to move content to the exact page you want it to appear.
  • To add photos to your book pages, you first click on the “Upload” function in the book making program to upload all the photos. Once uploaded, each photo will appear as an icon in a “Photo Library”. To use, simply drag the photos from your photo library onto the page or into an image box here you want them to appear.
  • Finally, you can really adjust and customize the pages by choosing a special font from the menu of options, or add some pizazz to your pages by adding from a collection of program clip art.


You can make your own book on iPad
Self-publish your own children’s book with ease, using Bookemon software. it is free to try and simple to use.

What kind of books can you make? Any kind! You can make a photobook that tells a story, a custom book for your child, your own cookbook, or publish a memoir. If you have always dreamed of being a writer and believe you have an amazing story to share, start writing! The publishing part will be fun!

This site provides everything you need (even if you are creatively challenged) to build and publish a beautiful book. With no obligation to buy, there is zero risk in getting started.

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