Have a book “Talk”

Self-Published Authors Can Now Make Their Books Talk

Photo by @felipepelaquim on Unsplash

Bookemon.com, the free printable book creator, now offers enhanced digital versions of their authors’ creations, which can include audio component for extra reader enjoyment.

As part of Bookemon’s publishing process, an ebook in PDF format is automatically generated to supplement print copies. Ebooks are ideal for readers who want to read on their laptops, tablets or mobile phones. Even better, new innovation now means each ebook will be able to carry URLs for audio or video, accessed on the page via QR code. Readers only have to scan the QR code, like they do for other types of purchases in their lives, to hear audio or watch video components.

For writers creating and selling their books through Bookemon, this exciting addition will be a double bonus. Not only will they be able to provide readers with a handy ebook copy, but they can also offer them the many benefits of audio that make their works unique. Audio in ebooks can be tailored to whatever the author wishes to share with readers:

  • Story narration or audiobook option
  • Background music
  • Messages, wishes and blessings

We see this as a fantastic development for both authors and book buyers. With readers more on the go than ever before, the ebook innovation lets them take their favorite books along wherever they travel. And the audio and video elements bring their books to life. Authors can create a special atmosphere with music, include demos and personalize their works. Sharing among family and friends is easy and quick, without the time delays or extra costs usually associated with print production and delivery.

Talking books aren’t just for busy people when they’re away from home. They’re perfect for children learning to read, auditory learners, bedtime relaxation, listening during exercise or chores, and people whose first language is not the same as the book’s.

To make ebooks easier for buyers to find, Bookemon will be displaying them on a dedicated webpage on the Bookemon.com website. Readers will be able to see them all in one place, and promoting books will be simpler for authors. Plans are in the works to make special showcased books a feature for Bookemon members. All authors can sell their ebooks with no upfront costs, which is a huge boon to break-out writers. They will have greatly increased visibility, which is key for authors seeking to grow their readership and bring their voices to the public. 

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