How to Create Books from a Mix of PDF, Word, PPT Files and More

If you have dreamed of writing a book and getting it published, it may be easier than you think to make it happen. Many creative people have that same dream, but what stops them is not knowing how to accomplish it.

Online publishing can sound confusing and difficult, and maybe you are not exactly a technical expert with computer programs. The good news is you don’t need to be.

Today, publishing your own book is simple enough that just about anyone can do it. It is also very affordable to do. Thankfully, there are websites designed to simplify the creative process for you, reducing the work down to a few clicks and simply dragging photos where you want them on the page.

Downloading and creating your book online is so easy almost anyone can do it!

One great option is, which makes it incredibly easy and affordable to produce a book that looks like it came from a bookstore. The best part is you can try making one for free and the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

If This Still Sounds Difficult, Think Again

Bookemon’s All-Purpose Online Book Creator lets you create your own books using any combination of Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Photos, Text, and Graphics. So, you can easily turn your writing, blogs, drawings, images, documents and any other variety of content into professional quality books in print.

How it works:

  • You should write the content (whether it is a story, comic book, photobook, cookbook, whatever you imagine) and have it saved in a Word document, PDF, PowerPoint file, jpg photo, text, or graphic program.
  • Next step is logging on to the Bookemon website and creating a free account.
  • Then, choose a template to layout and create your book in.
  • Now, you simply upload your Word, PDF document, PowerPoint- whatever methods you saved the content in.

Basic Steps: As Easy As 1, 2, 3

1) All you need to do is find the icon “Add Doc” and click it; Click the button “Upload” on the media library of tab labeled “Document” and once the file is uploaded, you will see the document icon with a green ” + ” at the corner.

2) Simply click the green ” + ” and it will be added into the book exactly as you have created it. For example, your title header and the page numbers you have on your pages will appear exactly as they are in your document.

3) You may check specific pages that you want or click “Select All” to apply all the pages into your book.


Creating a book online so simple to do and the results will amaze you.

To add photos to your book pages, it is as easy as clicking the “Upload” function in the book making program.

  • After you have uploaded your photos, they will be shown as icons in a “Photo Library”. Simply drag the photos from your photo library onto the page or into an “Image” box.
  • Finally, adjust and customize the pages by choosing the font from the menu of options. You may also want to add some pizazz to your pages from a selection of clip art.

Your book can be anything you imagine it to be. This site provides endless possibilities to create virtually any type of book and there is no obligation to buy. You can make a photobook that tells a story, a custom book and have your child be a character in it, or create your own cookbook. You are the writer, creator, and publisher!

There are so many possibilities and types of books you can make online and getting started is simple, fun and it costs you nothing to give it a try.