5 Tips for Getting Kids to Write a Book at Home

Filling your home with shelves of books is the best thing anyone can do for their child’s education and future. But, studies show that encouraging kids to write when they are not in school also accelerates their reading abilities and academic success.

According to readwritethink.org, children learn to organize their thoughts, write and communicate better once they start writing their own stories. So, by making writing a fun activity at home, you can help kids to be better at reading, and to understand and connect with other people’s writing with greater ease.

help kids write at home
Writing for fun improves reading and communication skills and lets creativity bloom.

The foundation is set when your child is reading at home, and you are reading to your child, (and setting a good example- by reading yourself), but writing projects can greatly support a student’s ability to write and communicate well, which impacts their academic success and their future.

How do You Encourage Your Child to Write at Home?

Once kids walk in that door after school, the last thing on their mind is doing more activities that they consider school work. So getting them to write more at home may seem like a big challenge. But, the answer is simple. According to an article on greatschools.org, you need to make it fun. Make writing projects creative, and exciting, and something you can do together. Here are a few tips:

  • Give them writing space: Kids love anything that is set up to make things more comfortable or adult-like. One idea is to create an “office” for them that is their personal writing space- complete with special paper, sharp pencils, and pens. Add a desk lamp so it is a well-lit workspace. Make it a special, but quiet space in the house, so they can focus on their writing.
  • Start with small projects: Have your child write their own thank you notes or party invitations. Let them see real-life examples where writing skills are required.
  • Encourage journaling: If you journal, share a page out of yours, like where you retell about a great day the family had together, for example. Encourage them to write about their weekend or a family vacation and point out that they can pick up the journal and easily relive special moments (and remember everything important that happened) if they write about it to preserve it.
  • Be a part of the writing project: Write your own journal and let them see you doing it. Make it a family writing time. Then, if your child allows you to read your child’s story and ask questions., get them to expand their details and tell you more.
  • Make the writing project fun: You can raise the level of fun in writing by publishing your child’s story into a real, professional-looking book. Your child can even help design the book and decide what the finished product will look like. Nothing is more fun for kids than really getting into the creative aspect of writing by making books!

make your own book for kids
Publishing your child’s writing gives it purpose and it is a fun project to do together.

How Do I Publish My Child’s Book?

With digital publishing sites online, you can take this home writing idea to a whole new level of fun. You can even publish books together. Look for online sites like Bookemon.com, one of the first to cater to teachers and parents by allowing you to create and publish your own books.

It is simple and easy to use, so even your children can do it with impressive, professional results. The free software allows for endless possibilities to publish virtually any type of book. Your child can publish works of fiction, non-fiction, a memoir or even a comic book, and kids gain knowledge about the process of writing and publishing. The possibilities and variety of books are limited only by your imagination.

Start Publishing Together

You may get started with digital bookmaking at Bookemon.com, by logging on and creating a free account. Yes, it really is free to create your entire book online and see exactly what the finished product will look like before you decide if you want to purchase copies. The best part is that there is no obligation for you to buy anything if you don’t wish to.

Once you have your free account set up, you or your child simply chooses a template to use to lay out the book, then upload any written content from PDF or Word Files onto the pages. You or your child can even customize the pages with a special font or clip art from the menu of options.

Finally, you can upload and edit photos (or even drawings) onto the pages of the book. Once your child has completed their book, you can share it through email, or you can choose to order copies of it to be printed.

Preserving their writing is exciting for them and a special project for you keep forever. Getting started is quick and easy and will open up a creative way to encourage more writing at home, have fun together, and a nurture their love of books.