Holiday Gift Idea: Make Your Own Book for Kids

If you are looking for a unique holiday gift idea to give your children, grandchildren, niece or nephew, the perfect solution might be giving them a great book; one you have created yourself. By making your own book to give, you can tailor it to be specific to that child’s interests, personalized it by making them the main character, or have it teach an important life lesson you want them to learn.

For example, say your son is being picked on at school. What if you create a book that makes him the main character and demonstrates different ways to handle being bullied? Books can teach children in ways that simple conversations may not. It is one thing to get advice, and it is another to read a story that gives clear examples of solutions to try and a happy ending as a result.
Books make great gifts, but a custom book made by you will make their (holi)day.

Childhood books also inspire us to feel and we remember them long after we are grown. According to an article in The Huffington Post, the very best children’s books can shape aspirations, goals and teach that inner sense of right and wrong in a child. What better gift to give during the holidays than a book you made yourself?

How to Make a Book They Will Love

Time and budgets are tight for everyone these days, so you need a way to make a professional looking book that is quick and easy to complete. There are a few options out there, but publishing your book through a site like Bookemon fits those needs perfectly because it is quick, affordable, and simple to do.

First, go online and create a free account, choose a template and then upload your story from PDF or Word Files, and finish by customizing the pages with the easy to use tools and clip art. It is that simple. You can even upload and edit photos or illustrations to your book. Once you are done, you can decide to order copies, but there is no obligation to buy.

So, now that you know how to create and customize a professional looking book for that special child on your holiday gift list, you need to decide what type of book to make.

Ideas for Your Custom Children’s Book:

  • Life Lessons and Adventures: Books can be a great way to teach kids important lessons. It can be about integrity and matters of the heart, like helping those in need, or someone who is smaller or less powerful. It can be about forming good habits, like getting to bed on time, or sharing toys with siblings. It could also be the story of your last vacation, complete with family photos. You can craft your story to show children positive behaviors and how they impact those around them, or highlight the best parts of a family adventure. The possibilities are endless.
  • Winter Vacation Bucket List: The school year has several vacation breaks from class, so creating a book of ideas of things to do, which they can check off their “vacation bucket list”, is a great way to inspire fun that goes beyond the holidays. Include things that will interest your child and inspire play, like making a fort with blankets and camping out in the living room, baking cookies to deliver to a neighbor, or making their own comic book.
  • All about Me Books: Make a book about your pregnancy or the day they were born, and add photos that show how they were welcomed into the world. Or get really creative, draw and create a comic book about your child- with them as the hero, and write an adventure based on a real event that occurred.

The best type of book to make a child is one that is customized by you.

The best part of making your own book for kids is that you can customize it to suit the child perfectly, and that makes for the ideal gift. You can create a professional looking book that not only entertains, but will be treasured forever. Getting started today is quick, easy and free.