How to Create Your Own Personal Bookstore

If you have always dreamed of becoming a published author, writing that novel, cookbook, or children’s book, and seeing your work available to the others, it may be much easier than you think.
Many people have amazing stories to tell and could fill their own personal bookstore with a collection they would love to share with others, but it is very difficult to get your book into a bookstore. If only you could find the right “connections” to make it happen. Well, the right connection is not an agent or publishing house, it is through online publishing with sites like Bookemon and their Personal Bookstore Feature.

Sharing your books is easy with your own personal bookstore.

Bookemon takes you easily through the entire process of designing, creating and publishing your books and then it allows you to create your own personal bookstore. The site is actually one of the first to allow parents, teachers, or basically anyone to create and publish their own books.

The free digital software offers easy to use templates, specialized fonts and the ability to upload your Word documents, PDFs, photos or illustrations. The end results produce beautiful, book-store-ready publications, so the next logical step would be to create your bookstore!
What is Bookemon’s Personal Bookstore?
Your personal bookstore lets you list all the published books that you have created, including both public books and private books. The list appears on the Bookemon site through your own personal URL link that you send to select people. You can mark certain books as “private” and keep them that way by creating a passcode, that you give only to those you wish to have access. Basically, you control your own privacy.

The Benefits:

  • You will be issued one designated unique URL, which belongs to your own account and lists all of your books. This makes it super simple for your family and friends to find your books, once you share your URL.
  • Your strictly-private books can only be accessed by people with a passcode, assigned and shared by you. So if you have select content, like family photo albums or a memoir, basically anything that you want only certain people to see, you can choose to create a passcode and keep select books private from anyone you don’t give the passcode to.

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How Do I Open My Store for Business?

To know the URL of your personal bookstore, you can click “myStore” on the navigational bar, after you sign into your free account. The URL listed is how your personal store can be accessed anywhere without membership required. You can then set a passcode and only share it with the people you want them to see your private books.

Once you have published your book on Bookemon, you can share it online through social media, or email, or you can choose to order copies of it to be printed. But you can also open your own personal bookstore for friends or family members to see and buy- whichever books you allow them access to. Opening up your Personal Bookstore is totally in your hands. Getting started is quick and easy.