Encourage Children to Write a Book and Shine Like a Star

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A book creator is a fantastic tool to encourage young writers to write their own stories in the classroom. Children have great imaginations. With some help and encouragement, most young people will be able to formulate a story with real characters, a plot, dialogue, and a beginning and an end.

Inspire with Bookemon’s Book Creator Package

Bookemon’s book creator package can bring their story to life, helping them to add some wonderful illustrations. It is also an extremely useful aid for entering them into young author fairs and creative story writing competitions. Announcing a competition is a fantastic way to get young ones writing. Give them the tools to make their stories look as though they were written by a pro and you could well have the next prize-winning story appear right in front of you.

Enter Your Students into Traditional Young Author Fairs

Many school districts have annual young author fairs in which students can showcase their writing, with the winner having their poem or story exhibited in a printed book. With Bookemon’s book creator, the administrative headaches associated with numerous entrants and competitions are all but eliminated. You will be able to keep track of all your entrants, and who entered which competition and when, because the information will be logged online. You will even have a complete copy of their work so there is no chance of it getting lost or going astray.

Writing Their Story in the Classroom

Bookemon’s Educator Program enables educators to create their own secure EdCenter, so that all their students have their own access to Bookemon’s Book Creator software. Children can create their own storybook, free, from a choice of more than 30 different themes. There is nothing to install and the software works on any device. Once children have written their story, there is no obligation to buy their book. An ebook edition of their story is free for them to use and share as they like. If you do decide to print any of the stories, special discounts are available for educator members.

A Happy Ending!

With Bookemon, no competition entrant need be disappointed; even if they don’t win this time, they can still choose to have their story made into a real, quality book to take home and keep forever.