Fun Family Project: Help Your Kids Create a Book on the iPad

Your children love using your iPad for games and stories, but what if you could help them create a book of their very own using your tablet? Family projects usually make for great memories as well as inspire creativity and learning in kids. Add using your iPad to this project, and you have a great time spent together while making a book they will be proud to share.

But how does someone create a book on an iPad, and is it easy enough for kids to enjoy it? The answer can be found by downloading an app onto your device, one which allows you to create a children’s book, or basically any type of book you want. With the right app, the result is a beautiful book that looks like it came from a bookstore. The key is finding a great app that is kid-friendly, simple, fun to use and affordable.

Creating a book on your iPad can be an easy family project.

You may find that the free bookPress app from Bookemon is the perfect solution, allowing kids, parents or grandparents, to create a personalized book quickly and easily. Children love the process of seeing their story come to life on the pages of a book. Parents and grandparents can also create a customize children’s book of their own, and make their child the main character. The possibilities are endless.
Basic Ways to Help Kids Write a Story

The best thing you can do is to simply guide your child when it comes to any writing project. According to, children learn to better organize their thoughts, write and even communicate better by crafting their own stories. Writing also helps kids to be better at reading, and to understand other people’s stories with greater ease.

Though you want this to be their own creation, you can also choose to make the book a group project and work on it as a family, with each of you adding your own part to the story. Either way, every story has some basic things to include:

  • Who are the characters, and is there a main character?
  • Where does the story take place?
  • What is the problem or issue they must overcome, fix, or deal with?
  • How is the problem or issue eventually solved?
  • What happens to the characters after? Did the characters learn anything from what happened?

Creating a story of their own inspires kids to love books and read better.

Getting Started

It is simple to start making your children’s book. Grab your iPad, similar device, or your iOS phone and download the free bookPress app from Bookemon, then set up your account.

  • The app will allow you to custom design the pages of the book from the beginning, with templates that make it look professionally designed.
  • Add your photos, PDF documents, Word documents, or posts from your blog to create a beautiful book quickly and easily. You may use any files that you have saved on your device, in your email, Cloud, Dropbox, or Flickr.
  • Once your book is complete, you can share select pages or the entire book with others via email, social media, or create an online e-book. If you want printed copies of the book, you can purchase the finished published version to have as a keepsake or order them to give as gifts.

By using this app, you and your kids can create any book you choose. It is an excellent learning tool and there is nothing like the pride that comes from creating and sharing their own real, professional quality book! Get started today creating a book on your iPad and fuel your family’s creativity.